The venue you choose for the wedding reception will determine whether or not you can plan the wedding as you want. This means that if you had a specific sketch in mind of the way in which the setting will look for your wedding reception, the venue in question has to meet your personal requirements. For example, the way in which you want the tables to be arranged and the space designated as the dance floor can only be obtained if the location allows this in terms of spaciousness and shape. If the room is round, you will have to make the setting fit into this shape, not the other way around.


But the venue in itself is not sufficient to create a unique wedding reception. The décor plays the most important part in the way in which the venue is perceived. This has to be tasteful and to reflect the theme you have chose for your special day. The flower arrangements have to impress through their vivid coloration and elegance. These aspects contribute extensively to creating a unique setting in which the wedding reception can unfold. But a truly unique venue cannot lack specific elements.

Couples are usually interested in a venue that is instantly perceived as a grandiose location for a wedding. The guests have to notice the beauty of the venue from the exterior, as they arrive to the reception. This involves a majestic structure which impresses through its architectural design and wonderful gardens that surround it. The bride and the groom choose this type of location not because they want it to be ostentatious and thus emphasize their economic possibilities, but because they want to ensure both for themselves and for their invitees a unique experience which will be dearly remembered for a long time.


That is why the natural landscape that is noticeable from the property in question is important. They want their guests to gaze upon the wonderful scenery and feel close to nature. But the interior of the venue has to be just as impressive. Some brides are fond of the idea of walking down an imposing staircase and thus make their grand appearance to the party. But in order to obtain such a venue, you have to be willing to spend an impressive amount of money. Uniqueness cannot be attained unless you are willing to make some sacrifices, but remember that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and has to be organized properly.

The exchange of the wedding vows represents one of the most important moments in the ceremony. Some are nervous of this moment, not because the thought of committing themselves to their loved ones is frightening but because they lack the words to express their immense love for their soon-to-be-spouse. That is why many try to find inspiration in different places such as romantic movies or the internet.


While these sources can be considered reliable to the extent that the vows encountered abound in romantic undertones, these cannot lie at the basis of your wedding vows. You want these to be unique and the only way in which you can manage to have one-of-a-kind wedding vows is if you write them yourself. You don’t have to be a renowned poet to express your intense feelings for your better half in a romantic manner. It is enough to take some time and look deep into your heart.


You will instantly understand why you are marrying this person and what it is that makes you love him or her so much. It is not a science, but a pure feeling which fills your heart with love and even though it might seem impossible to express in words what you feel, once you put pen to paper, you will find to your surprise that the words won’t fail to come out. And even if you are not a romantic yourself and are a bit clumsy when it comes to expressing your feeling, your spouse already knows this about you. He or she won’t expect you to write the next best poem, but to speak from the heart.


If you are true to your feelings, you will write the most beautiful wedding vows precisely because you have spoken with sincerity about the reason that brought you to make this decision to marry the person in front of you and about the promises you make to your loved one. On the other hand, if you are great with words and if you are capable of actually writing eloquent wedding vows, your spouse will be impressed to tears.

The season in which your wedding takes place plays an important role in determining the decorations for the ceremony and the reception, as well as in deciding the wedding gown you will wear. Everything has to be in harmony with the atmosphere that the season instills. For a winter wedding, the décor is bound to consist of a combination of white and blue embellishments. Specific elements that allude to this time of year should not miss if you want to capture the essence of winter.


The place cards also have to follow the same pattern. These are the ones that inform the invitees about their seating at the table and have to be attractive as they are to ‘blame’ for the first impression a guest makes while being ushered to the place designated specially for him or her. So the place cards have to be unique and to impress through their elegancy and delicacy, at the same time. And what better way to instill this feel to them if not through a snowflake design engraved on them.


Snowflakes are representative for the cold season but they are not reminiscent of a cold weather inasmuch as they remind about the beauty and jolly aspect of winter, when everybody enjoys feeling the frozen drops of rain fall on their cheeks. So if you want to make your guests appreciate more the season at hand, remind them of the delicate snowflakes they have looked forward to throughout their childhood. The place card holder is also relevant so you should mix the two elements perfectly. If you want to keep the place card simple and just write the name of the invitees on them, you can opt for a snowflake design ornament as a holder.


The pace card should have a metallic aspect thus making it more elegant. And of it is unicolored, you should definitely go for a vividly colored holder so as to obtain a great contrast. If the wedding is close to Christmas, you can choose a bright red ornament which is reminiscent of the Christmas tree decorations. However, this should be decided upon after choosing the linens for the tables because you do not want to have an explosion of colors.

When it comes to jewelry, there are two precious rings which you will cherish for the rest of your life: the engagement ring and the wedding band. So it is safe to say that you should not think about the price tag when purchasing these pieces of jewelry. Even though these represent big investments they are going to last a lifetime so any sum is justifiable. The wedding is a precious moment and the wedding band is kind of a business card of this new life you begin, that of a married person.


So it should convey the obvious message: that you have found happiness alongside a unique individual who can make you feel complete. Unique colored diamond wedding bands are one way in which you can suggest this. These rings break all patterns because they have nothing in common with the standard wedding bands. These are usually made out of one precious metal, they might have a design on them but not a sophisticated one and the gemstones might lack from the model or might be simple white stones.


Colored diamonds make the wedding band a wonderful piece of jewelry, giving it an extravagant allure. The color can range from yellow to green or blue, and from pink to brown. You can even have a combination of white and colored diamonds which will make the wedding band stand out even more. For example, a natural pink brownish diamond band is astonishing, both through the elegant cut of the diamonds and through the wonderful coloration. The color is not ‘bright pink’, which would have taken off of the ring’s beauty an elegancy, but a toned down hue which better suits a classic ring which will be worn for the rest of your life.


You can even alternate diamonds and rubies in the design of the wedding band, but if ‘diamonds are your friends’ you can keep this precious stone as the sole ornament of the ring. The so called rainbow wedding bands are multi hued, just as the name clearly indicates. These rings consists of alternating differently colored diamonds, but not one gemstone at a time as a conglomerate of stones of one color followed by a differently colored one. A unique wedding band can also be a tri-color rolling ring which refers to three separate thinner bands which are adorned with colored diamonds (different coloration), all coming together to form a single wedding ring.

The wedding reception is filled with wonderful moments and in reality all these moments require adequate songs in order to make them memorable. If you want to have a unique reception, you need to choose wisely the tunes that will play throughout the day.


The first important song refers to the moment the bride and the groom enter the venue. All the guests are present and they make their grand entrance as husband and wife. Usually the song is cheerful as some sort of recognition of their unity and the joy that dwells upon this magical day. The song should be chosen by taking into account the theme you portray through the décor and attire. For instance, a couple with Scottish heritage might be interested in alluding to their roots and have a bagpipe band sing while they enter in the salon. Others might want a dramatic entrance with drums hearing in the background.


Another important moment is when the newlyweds share their first dance together. This is symbolic for their first public appearance as a married couple and it is a solemn moment filled with emotion. The song has to be indeed one-of-a-kind and to reflect the intense feelings you have for one another. Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love with You is one option you have of a romantic song for your first dance. In order to make the moment memorable, you should borrow a smoke machine which can create a beautiful atmosphere and an impressive visual effect while you glide over the dance floor.


Song number three refers to the dance the bride will share with her father. This again has to be a unique tune that best emphasizes the emotions that fill the father’s heart as he realizes that his little girl has got married. The Way You Look Tonight, performed by none other than Frank Sinatra is one option you have for the father-daughter dance. Other relevant tunes which have to be chosen with care refer to the moment when the bride throws the wedding bouquet and when the newlyweds cut the cake.


The choices are multiple. For the first moment, a more cheerful song or even a tune with no lyrics, even drum rolls so as to entice the crowd waiting to catch the bridal bouquet, works. Again it depends on what you want and how you perceive this moment. As it is not as solemn as the previous ones mentioned, a jovial song can fit perfectly with the whole event.

You want your wedding to be unique and it is natural. What person does want this? But in order to make your dream come true you have to plan everything with the utmost attention. Because every little detail is like a piece of a puzzle and only if you place everything in its proper place can you obtain a beautiful and flawless wedding. The wedding invitations are one important aspect of the wedding that has to be dealt with. If you want to have unique wedding invitations, you have to consider the type of wedding you have, the theme chosen for the event and transpose this in the invites.


It is also a way to inform the guests about the way in which the wedding will unfold. Thus they know what to expect and they can dress properly for the occasion. If your have a beach-themed wedding, there is an innovative way in which you can invite your guests and this refers to do it yourself message in a bottle wedding invitations. Not only will you have an original design but you will also use your creativity so as to develop one-of-a-kind invites with a personal touch to them. And the best part is that you will pay less for the wedding invitations.


Because you have decided to create them yourself, you are probably not interested in having the written card done at a specialized store. However, even if you decide to write your own text and have it printed at home, you do not want to make everything look cheap. Make sure you choose an elegant paper, maybe one with a fine feel to it and maybe a sparkle texture. It doesn’t matter the exact details it has, as long as it has an elegant look to it. When you print the invitations, choose a chic lettering which will make the invites more alluring.


The bottles are also important as they are the first thing the guests see. Don’t choose bottles with a rough look to them, but something more neat and pleasant-looking. It is advisable to incorporate some beach related items so you can insert small seashells and sand in the bottles. You can use a cork if the wedding invitation fits in the bottle or you can have a bigger piece of paper which has one end on the exterior. You can tie it with rustic threads so as to maintain that casual look that you convey to the invitations and to the whole wedding, for that matter.

If you are intent in having a unique wedding, you have to plan everything with utmost care because each detail plays an important part in creating a one-of-a-kind moment. And probably the venue you choose for the reception carries the most weight in determining whether or not the wedding is indeed memorable. If your wedding day takes place in Maryland, you have to spend quite an amount of time to verify what options you have in terms of wedding locations.


The internet can help you out a lot because you can find the existent venues, their description, as well as the testimonials of various customers. But nothing can help you decide which venue is perfect for your special day better than actually visiting the places in person. It is also important to establish what type of wedding ceremony you will have because this will turn you in the right direction when conducting your search. Do you want to have a more elegant reception, do you want it to be glamorous, or do you want something simple but chic? This is important because the venue has to convey the right atmosphere.


If you want to create a romantic ambiance then the Gramercy Mansion could be your venue. The location is picturesque as it abounds in artwork and antiques. The impressive staircase is perfect for your grand entrance: the bride and the groom can make their appearance coming down the stairs. Elegancy goes hand in hand with nature as the venue disposes of beautiful gardens where your invitees can retreat from time to time to take a breath of fresh air in all the commotion formed by the party.


For a glamorous wedding, the 1840s Plaza is perfect. The Ballroom is truly impressive through its chandeliers, velvet draperies and murals. This venue will most certainly make you feel like a princess in your wedding day. Not to mention that the view is breathtaking – you can see the Inner Harbor in all its glory from the tall windows.


The Harbor Magic Hotels also represent a great choice of a wedding venue in Maryland.  The location is classy and can hold up to as much as 125 people. You have to pay attention to the type of wedding you have. Because if there are a lot of guests you have to make sure that the venue can accommodate so many people. Also, Harbor Magic offer a 15% discount for military personnel.

If you are having a gangster themed wedding it is only natural to have the wedding cake following the same pattern. However, you need to decide what type of cake you are interested in because there are many designs you can choose from and the differentiation in details between these designs is obvious.


On the one hand you can opt for a 50s scene which realistically depicts gangsters, and on the other you can choose a more modern representation in which the bride and the groom are ‘acting gangster’. This latter variant is actually a portrayal of the couple being involved in a dangerous situation reminiscent of the 50s gangster movies. There is also the possibility to choose a more humorous gangster wedding cake which has caricatures of mobsters, cigars and money. Of course, the cake would not be complete without the 50’s emblematic car which was driven by thugs.


As you can see there are different ways in which you can interpret this theme so you need to consider which would be the best option. It is important to keep in mind that the wedding is a celebration and the cake should not be too serious. As long as you allude to the wedding theme is perfect even if you do not recreate an actual gangster scenario.


The decision to have such a cake might seem to belong to the groom, as women are usually interested in more feminine decorations, but the choice can be termed as unexpected and it will definitely make the cake stand out. In fact, when the wedding cake is brought, it will be one of those moments when everyone stares in amazement at the inventive cake without having the intention of letting the work of art be cut and eaten because the image is too great to ruin it. So you will have chosen a unique design for your wedding cake

Nowadays, people no longer buy wedding gifts, but they present the bride and the groom with an envelope which contains a sum of money. Maybe the practice seems to lack any type of personal connection to the event because the invitees do not spend their time wondering what gift would be perfect for the happy couple and do not visit various storesin the attempt to find the most appropriate present for the wedding.


But this custom is more practical because the newlyweds can spend the money received as they deem necessary. They are the one who know best what types of investments are required both in terms of furniture or home appliances. What is more, the money can even be used to cover some of the wedding expenses or as a down payment for a house. For this particular reason, envelopes are preferred to actual wedding gifts.


The practice is widespread and refers to the guests contributing to the new couple’s life together with a particular sum of money, thus helping them out in undertaking this journey as a married couple. However, the whole concept is elegantly created so as to avoid transforming it into something tacky. Usually this ‘giving away of the presents’ takes place at the reception and occurs as follows: near the bride and the groom’s table there is a container in which the invitees deposit the envelopes (usually when they leave the party). The container is known as the ‘moneyholder’ and it is decorated accordingly so as to fit the décor.

Because it has to blend in perfectly, but at the same time to have something that makes it stand out, you have to pick a unique moneyholder for your wedding. The models are different depending on each personal requirement. There are moneyholders shaped as chests covered in satin and with elegant embroidery or treasure boxes adorned with all sorts of glamorous details meant to emphasize the purpose of the container.


The boxes have an opening on their upper side through which the envelopes are put in, so it is not necessary to lift the lid of the box. The moneyholder can also be shaped as a present and tied with a beautiful ribbon or it can be a replica of your wedding cake. If the wedding is not very formal and you want the moneyholder to have a funny undertone, you can choose a piggy bank in which the guests can deposit their envelopes.

A unique wedding can be organized only by paying attention to the smallest details and making sure that everything comes into place beautifully. You might consider that the venue and the décor are the most important aspects and you are right to a certain extent because these are the ones that contribute to the creation of an attractive setting in which the reception is to take place.


But if you are interested in having a unique wedding, you have to pick each element present in the wedding with utmost care, and this includes the place card holders as well. These are just as important as the floral arrangements and the centerpieces because they work together in order to form a one-of-a-kind picture, worthy of admiration. Just imagine the invitees’ reaction when they are taken to their seats and they see a wonderfully crafted place card holder which informs them about their place at the table. It is a little item of decoration but it has a huge impact on the overall presentation of the wedding.


The place card holders come in different shapes and sizes and can even be personalized thus giving you the opportunity to order one-of-a-kind holders. The manufactures are aware that many wedding planners incorporate the theme of the wedding in every little detail so there are place card holders created to meet each individual taste and desire. For whatever type of wedding you are having, there is a place card holder perfect for the occasion. For an elegant reception, there are classic place card holders shaped as hearts, butterflies or whatever you can think of, some beautifully adorned with gemstones for a more glamorous appearance.


These are either made out of chrome or silver and are adequate for a formal wedding. If you have a specific theme, the holders can reflect this as well. For example, a fairytale wedding requires an appropriate place card holder which emphasizes this theme. You can choose holders shaped as castles, carriages or specific characters from the fairytale of your preference. If you want them to be unique you have to make sure that you incorporate a distinctive element which is bound to stand out. As long as choose classy holders and do not fall into the other extreme while striving to impress through the selection you have made, you will definitely prove your impeccable taste.