Unique California Wedding Locations

No one said that planning a wedding is an easy task but it is really worth all the effort you put into it because you are going to end up with the most beautiful memory of all time. And everything starts from the location you have chosen for the ceremony and reception. Californians who want to make their wedding one worthy of remembrance have to find the suitable venue which will dazzle the guests from the first moment they lay eyes on it.

But the fact that you are interested in a unique location for your wedding should not be viewed as an intention to show off, but a motif to create a one-of-a-kind event that will make everyone present at the wedding feel special and a part of something grand. It is just a means to ensure that the day will not be forgotten any time soon. And just think about the beautiful pictures that you will have if the setting itself is mesmerizing.

Ca’Bianca Restaurant is one location you might be interested in when planning your wedding. The venue is situated in Santa Rosa and it is exactly what you need if you want to have a romantic wedding. The Victorian architecture and impressive gardens make this location one worthy of being taken into account for your Californian wedding.

If you want a location that is closer to nature but which still abounds in elegancy and good taste then the Christian Brothers Retreat might be more to your liking. This is situated in Napa, California, and has a rural, yet romantic allure to it. The fact that it is situated in the middle of 500 acres of vineyards makes this location be secluded from the rest of the world and thus convey a quixotic feel to it.

In Malibu, you can find Rancho del Diablo Dormido which is a really intimate location. Rancho del Diablo is surrounded by nature and it cannot help but impress through its majestic scenery. The location is indicated for a more informal, small wedding because the venue is reminiscent of an old Spanish ‘villa’. But this does not meant that you cannot have a unique wedding reception here. The ceremony can be performed by the pool, with the light touching the water softly, and having the mountains in the background. You are surrounded by nature on all sides and this transmit a feel of tranquility and harmony with the environment thus making you feel as if within a dream.

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